VioletC Upper Air Disinfection System

VioletC Upper-Air Disinfection System air disinfection systems use ozone-free and safe UV-C technology to ensure the air you breathe is clean and free of contaminants, bacteria, viruses and fungus.



Remote operation using a smartphone application, real time disinfection monitoring, set disinfection time based on size of the room, multiple devices operation and control and regular OTA updates.

UVC LED based Disinfection System

Use of UVC LED eliminates traditional concerns caused by hazardous mercury based UV lamps and keep you free from ozone.


Efficient design that ensures smooth airflow and disinfection of a large volume of air per cycle. Various mounting options for easy installation based on your application.

Data Monitoring

Real time system disinfection status can be monitored on the smartphone application.

An easy-to-use platform begins with an IoT infrastructure that offers reliability, security, and scalability. Group all your Smart VioletC air disinfection systems together for hassle-free communication.

3.8 billion premature deaths occur as a result of impure and contaminated air in enclosed spaces

VioletC Upper Air Disinfection System disinfects and purifies air particles and pathogens with an efficiency of 99.9% in just 30mins!

Power healthier indoor spaces with VioletC Upper Air Disinfection System

Proprietary Tech

Our proprietary tech will ensure that you breathe clean and safe air.

HEPA Filters

Filters 99.9% of air suspended particles and pathogens.

Engineered to Perfection!

Scientifically tested and proven to perform with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Ozone Free

We use UVC LEDs that do not generate ozone and are 100% safe.

Real Time Monitoring

You can do real-time monitoring of the system functioning.

Smart & User Friendly

Control and monitor your disinfection systems from anywhere in the world through our mobile app and ensure your employees and customers breathe clean and healthy air.


Our UV-C LED technology is certified to disinfect larger areas and kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria.

Fast Clean

Disinfect your location in a fraction of the time traditional cleaners take. The Violet products sanitize rooms within minutes.

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VioletC Upper Air Disinfection System