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VioletC Upper Air Disinfection System

VioletC Cleaning Systems has taken a different approach to create more robust designs that are effective for enclosed spaces.


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World’s First Safe Ultraviolet Upper-Air Disinfection System

With a contained UV chamber, our system has the ability to disinfect and purify the air even when the rooms are occupied. It’s the first system designed to create an environment that actively works to keep occupants safe and more productive.
According to the National Health Commission and the CDC, viruses are sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat. A combination of safe UV-C modules, photocatalytic ionization and our proprietary technology offers efficient disinfection of air in an enclosed space. VioletC Upper-Air Disinfection System disinfects and purifies air particles and pathogens with an efficiency of 99.999% in just 30mins!

Smart, Healthy and Energy Efficient Buildings

Contaminated air can significantly influence the health of many people. We spend 90% of our time indoors, so the air we breathe in the buildings we live in, work in and play in has a big impact on our health. VioletC’s intelligent disinfection system provides an unprecedented level of health and safety for occupants within any shared indoor environment. The first science-based solution of its kind, real-time data streaming providing advanced analytics and actionable insights based on how your space is being disinfected. Our smartphone application provides a holistic view of all disinfection activity reported by our system which can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Cutting-Edge Technology with Real Time Monitoring

VioletC’s complete air disinfection ecosystem combats surface-borne and airborne microorganisms. Our approach combines superior methods of disinfection and smartness.

Keep Your People and Spaces Safe.

An easy-to-use platform begins with an IoT infrastructure that offers reliability, security, and scalability. Group all your Smart VioletC air disinfection systems together for hassle-free communication.

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We are bringing smart and user-friendly disinfecting technology to you. Disinfecting units, HVAC, and much more. Keep the air you breathe clean and safe.


When it comes to your people and your space, you need technology that you can trust. There is a lot to learn about proper disinfection. Take a look at our science-backed methods and tools.

Disinfection with UV light

For businesses, schools, hotels & cruises going back to work can be difficult & overwhelming. We are creating guides and best practices to help keep your customers & staff safe.