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What is the importance of UV-C radiation in air disinfection?

At specific wavelengths, ultraviolet light kills 99.999% of all germs and viruses. This tested, the proven disinfecting method has been used for decades in healthcare settings. Now, we’re bringing its sanitizing potential to our businesses and communities.

UV-C Light: the Science

According to the National Health Commission and the CDC, viruses are sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat. A combination of safe UV-C light and proprietary technology offers maximum disinfection of air in an enclosed space. VioletC offers a wide range of UV-C based air disinfection systems and solutions for health care, educational institutions, theatres and the hospitality sector. Our products are scientifically engineered, designed, tested and proven to perform with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

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Smart & User Friendly

Control and monitor your disinfection systems from anywhere in the world through our mobile app and ensure your employees and customers breathe clean and healthy air.


Our UV-C LED technology is certified to disinfect larger areas and kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria.

Fast Clean

Disinfect your location in a fraction of the time traditional cleaners take. The Violet products sanitize rooms within minutes.